About the company

Fashion industry is infinitely exciting! We know this more than anybody else. For more than a century, the building where Melon Fashion Group has its headquarters has been housing clothes industry.

The company owns three brands ZARINA, befree and LOVE REPUBLIC. Each brand is special. Each of them is extraordinary. Like those for who ZARINA, befree and LOVE REPUBLIC collections are created.

Sensual LOVE REPUBLIC, light and sincere befree, feminine and creative ZARINA. Teams in each brand sense keenly and guess precisely what their followers want and feel. Customers’ “want-&-feel” changes so quickly – and this is the core of our inspiration! Nothing gets on our nerves more than tiresome monotony.

Melon Fashion Group is not just a company. It is not just a leader of fashion industry. It is the whole world! What do we deal with here?

We create collections and comfortable concept spaces for choosing, trying on and buying. We are responsible for the whole fashion cycle – from design and production to architecture and launch of our stores numbering more than half thousand in 7 countries. Customers know and love us in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Poland.

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Big talents Business
Laconism Freedom Openness
Our aim —
is to be in the vanguard of fashion retail
The entire culture of our company leads to achieving this goal
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We believe in people

Melon is a super spot for carrying out the most fantastic ideas!

We love our work and aspire that most talented and achieving professionals should become a part of our team. Together, we will attain striking results.

We are always glad when creative and interesting people capable of contributing their knowledge and experience join our team.